An Interview with Darling and Edge by Darling and Edge.

Darling and Edge- Can you tell us a bit about what you do? 

Darling and Edge- We create bespoke designs for events, from conception to creation, but technically we load things in and out of vans.

D&E- What makes your events different?

D&E- We were both acutely aware of an existing boredom, and hunger for something more creative, more imaginative in the events industry. We don’t have a formula for the things we create, and there's a lot of experimentation that happens during the design and build process to see what will be the most effective solution for a space. I guess you could call it some sort of artistic evolution, to us it’s really exciting and allows our work to continually mark new territory. 

D&E- How did you get into this area? 

D&E- It’s purely through chance that we found each other, we were both doing surprisingly similar self perpetuated events. We were having a lot of fun surprising people and creating magical environments through performance, art, sound, food, everything! We had a go at working for set design and TV companies, which, for their diversities appealed to us, and gave us a lot of professional experience but didn’t give us the scope for experimentation that we desired.

D&E- Can you tell us what your core philosophies are?

D&E- Fun and beautiful! That’s it really, that’s really important to us. 

D&E- What do you hope the future holds for Darling and Edge? 

D&E- Our team is really important to us, and as our projects grow in ambition, so does our team. We want to create a fluidity that allows us to create events in a totally different way, which we hope will come from understanding each others skills and creating a new processes by which we communicate, both internally with each other and externally with our clients. 

With a background in experimental performance art, and a self taught approach, we strive to provide an antidote to the boring and continuously experiment question, imagine and play.


We are Harriet Darling and Elise Edge, a Hackney Wick based design studio. We love creating spaces that are exciting, unexpected and above all beautiful. 
We like rolling up our sleeves and getting elbow deep in every part of a design, from edible experiences to interactive sound design, our spaces are unique and hand crafted.

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